Design Research in the Netherlands 2010

The proceedings of Design Research in the Netherlands 2010 bring together researchers from architecture, industrial design, management science, electrical engineering, mechanical, maritime and materials engineering, landscape architecture, and curriculum design to discuss work of the period 2005-2010 in the area of design. These proceedings are from the fourth installment of the symposium, following those from 1995, 2000, and 2005, and thus chart over 15 years of design research as it is performed in the Netherlands. The symposium took place 20-21 May 2010. The organisers were Henri Achten, Pieter Jan Stappers, and Bauke de Vries.

The complete proceedings are available here (8.47 MB PDF).

Keynote speaker: John Habraken

N. John Habraken (image from website The keynote speaker at the conference was John Habraken. In 1962 he published 'Supports, an Alternative to Mass Housing' in which he proposed the separation of 'support' or base building from 'infill' or interior fit-out in residential construction and design. He was director of SAR (Foundation for Architects Research) in the Netherlands, 1965 to 1975, where he lead research into and development of methods for the design and construction of adaptable housing. In 1967 he was appointed professor at Eindhoven Technical University to set up its new Department of Architecture and serve as its first chairperson. From 1975-1981 he was Head of the Department of Architecture at MIT, Cambridge, MA, where he taught untill his retirement in 1989. Additionally, he served in a partnership for the invention and development of an infill system for residential construction from 1987 till 1997.
John Habraken has received worldwide recognition. He was recipient of the 1988 Creative Achievement Award of the Association of Collegiate Schools in the US; the David Roëll prize 1979 of the Dutch Prince Bernhard Fund, The King Fahd award for design and research in Islamic Architecture, 1985-86, and the Oevre Award for 1996 of the National Foundation for Art, design, and Architecture (BKVB oevre prijs) in the Netherlands. He is Honorary Member of the Architectural Institute of Japan, and Knight of the Royal Order of the Dutch Lion 2003, recipient of the 2003 “Kubus for advancing the standing of Architecture”, by the BNA, Dutch Association of Architects, and Doctor Honoris Causa from the Technical University Eindhoven 2005.

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Design Research in the Netherlands 2010

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