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The proceedings of Design Research in the Netherlands 2005 bring together researchers from architecture, industrial design, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, philosophy, and computer science to discuss work of the period 2000-2005 in the area of design. These proceedings are from the third installment of the symposium, following those from 1995 and 2000, and thus chart over 10 years of design research as it is performed in the Netherlands. The symposium took place 19-20 May 2005. The organisers were Henri Achten, Kees Dorst, Pieter Jan Stappers, and Bauke de Vries.


Below the contents of the proceedings is shown. Most of the presentations of the symposium are available online. Each of the papers is available as a separate PDF document. The complete proceedings are available as well (PDF - 12 MB)

Keynote address

Two keynote speakers gave their address on this symposium: Bryan Lawson and Scott Chase.

Bryan Lawson is Dean of the Faculty of Architectural Studies at the University of Sheffield. His research has been mainly concerned with the design process, computer-aided design, and architectural psychology. He has over 100 publications and is the author of several books, such as How Designers Think, Design in Mind, and What Designers Know. Professor Bryan Lawson has held academic appointments at Birmingham Polytechnic, the University of Aston and the University of Sheffield. He has taught and examined at many other Universities both in the UK and overseas. He is currently also visiting professor of Architecture at the National University of Singapore. He has taught courses for students of architecture, interior design, industrial and product design, landscape, urban design, town planning and psychology.

Keynote presentation Bryan Lawson (.ppt: 36 MB)

Scott Chase is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Architecture and director of the postgraduate course in Architectural Computing Studies at the University of Strathclyde. His research interests include design grammars, logic based paradigms for design modelling, and standards development for design data models. Previous research and teaching appointments include the University of Sydney's Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition, the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and as a visiting fellow in Structural & Building Engineering at TU Delft. Scott Chase has published papers in journals such as Environment and Planning B, Research in Engineering Design, Automation in Construction, AI EDAM, and the Journal of Mechanical Design.

Keynote presentation Scott Chase (.ppt: 22 MB, .pdf: 6 MB).

Design Research in the Netherlands 2005

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