Design Research in the Netherlands 2000

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In 1995 the first Design Research in the Netherlands symposium was organised at Eindhoven University of Technology. It gave an overview of the state of the art of research on design as done in a great variety of research institutes in the Netherlands. The symposium proved to be a valuable meeting bringing together researchers from disciplines such as architecture, industrial and (civil) engineering design, philosophy of science, computer science, cognitive psychology, and so forth. Since then, the scientific landscape has changed. Research programmes have yielded new results, other programmes have been initiated, and many activities have been undertaken by veterans and newcomers in the field. The year 2000 therefore, seemed to be an excellent opportunity to gauge again the breadth and depth of design research in the Netherlands. The symposium was organised by Henri Achten, Bauke de Vries, and Jim Hennessey.


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Keynote address

The keynote speaker at DRN 2000 was Mark Gross. At the time he was Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning and an adjunct Associate Professor of the Department of Urban Design and Planning of the University of Washington, Seattle. He is well-known for his work on design support through the use of sketches resulting in the "Cocktail Napkin" software suite. Mark Gross is the author of over 50 refereed and 35 non-refereed articles ranging on various issues in design. He is currently professor at Carnegie-Mellon School of Architecture.

Keynote address: Mark Gross at DRN 2000

Design Research in the Netherlands 2000

Design Theory

Design Process

Design Representation

Design Computation

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