Design Research in the Netherlands 1995

DRN 1995 Proceedings Cover Thumbnail Design Research in the Netherlands was held in january 1995. The objective of the symposium was to provide a forum within which research groups might present their activities and interests to a diverse group of researchers in the field. The book compiles the presentations of the following research groups: Stan Ackermans Institute, Design Methods Group, Design Morphology Group, Philosophy and Methodology of Technology, and Omgevingstechnology from Eindhoven University of Technology, IDEATE Research Group, DESYS Research Group, Design Methodology Group, Design Knowledge Systems Group, Computer Aided Design and Building Informatics, and Knowledge-based Systems Group from Delft University of Technology, Knowledge-Based Systems Group and Design Methodology for the Social Sciences from University of Twente, Department of Psychonomy from University of Amsterdam, and Artificial Intelligence Group from the Free University Amsterdam. "Design Research in the Netherlands" provides a comprehensive overview of activities in the field. 220 Pages. The Symposium was organised by Robert Oxman, Thijs Bax, and Henri Achten.

The keynote address at the symposium was delivered by Prof. John Gero of the Key Centre of Design Computing of the School of Architecture, Design Science and Planning of the University of Sydney.

Below the separate chapters of the proceedings can be viewed in PDF format. The complete proceedings are available here (4.85 MB PDF).


Design Education, Design Philosophy, the Social Sciences

Design Psychology/Design Cognition

Design History, Design Theory, Design Knowledge

Artifical Intelligence in Design

Design Systems: from Design Research to Design Tools

Authors' Addresses

Design Research in the Netherlands is hosted by the Design Systems group of Eindhoven University of Technology. For questions or if you would like to submit information concerning events, research programmes, websites, sources, and so forth relevant to design research, then please contact Henri Achten.