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Last update: 21-05-2010

Welcome to the homepage of Design Research in the Netherlands. This website is an open and free resource for anyone interested in design research. As the name indicates, we have a special focus on design research activities in the Netherlands, across all designing domains: architecture, civil engineering, machine engineering, electronics, industrial design, fashion, graphic design, computer science, and so forth.

The website is an initiative by the Design Systems group from Eindhoven University of Technology. In the past, we have organised the following events:

The Design Research in the Netherlands symposium allows participants to take a higher level perspective on the developments within their domain. What research programmes have been initialised or completed? How do the research paradigms change over the years? What have been the most informative research findings concerning design? Which methodologies have proven successful? How can domain-bound findings be reported to other domains? The symposium provides a forum to discuss these questions.

Design Research in the Netherlands is hosted by the Design Systems group of Eindhoven University of Technology. For questions or if you would like to submit information concerning events, research programmes, websites, sources, and so forth relevant to design research, then please contact Henri Achten (